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Our Mission

The mission of the Hope for GREEN Jobs blog is to educate and empower women and marginalized communities to increase their leadership capabilities in the green economy by providing opportunities to network and get engaged in the fields of environmental stewardship and sustainability. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Hope for Grass Roots Energy and Environment Networking Movement is to:

  • introduce green job opportunities to women
  • empower women in low-income, communities of color to get engage in the decision-making process to create policies and protocols to help make Detroit a more healthy and sustainable society by focusing on urban planning initiatives

    develop principles on waste reduction, energy efficiency and conservation to revitalize Detroit

  • educate the community about the effects of climate change and environmental injustice on communities of color

Our focus is to build awareness and provide leadership development opportunities to women of color, while addressing the national concerns for gender equality in a green economy.

  • It will help narrow the wage gap, end job segregation, and introduce women to sustainable careers pathways which could provide benefits and livable wages to support a family.

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Women's Empowerment for Grass Roots Energy & Environment Networking