Green Careers

Government Resources

National Center for O*NET Development

The Center researched green economic sectors, demand occupations, enhanced skills occupations, and new and emerging occupations, which have been added to the O*NET system. and

 Career Information Delivery System (CIDS)

CIDS may be found at community colleges, universities, or employment offices.


This site provides an outline of green careers.

Green Jobs, Workforce3One Communities

This site compiles an ongoing list of training programs, evaluations, and other green economy information. Workforce3One also hosts regular webinars on workforce development practices.

U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics is working with agencies across the Department to produce green jobs data. See:

Non-Government Resources

Council on Competitiveness

“Drive: Private Sector Demand for Sustainable Energy Solutions.” A policy paper on the need for sustainable energy in the United States.” Includes a section on the workforce needed to support growth.

 Green Collar Blog

Information on green jobs, training programs, career events, industry information and news.


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